Author: Stan Phelps

Stan Phelps is the founder of 9 INCH marketing -- a consultancy that helps clients win customers that are four times as valuable as those acquired through traditional marketing. 

His 20 year marketing background includes leadership roles with adidas, International Management Group, the PGA of America and Synergy Events. 

Stan has created award-winning campaigns and larger than life events. Those programs, although successful, weren’t scalable or sustainable. 

He now focuses on how brands can create meaningful differentiation and advocacy with customers and employees through small ongoing pieces of added value (which Stan terms "The Goldfish Principle"). 

Stan is the author of What's Your Purple Goldfish - 12 Ways to Win Customer and Influence Word of Mouth and What's Your Green Goldfish - Beyond Dollars: 15 Ways to Drive Employee Engagement and Reinforce Culture.

To find out more about Stan’s strategy sessions, keynotes and workshops, visit him at

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