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Profile: Sirangi Kalpana

This is Sirangi Kalpana full time health and travel blogger from India Writes a lot on travel tips, health tips and on technology too.

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Articles by Sirangi Kalpana
Most Common Question Asked in an Interview

Most Common Question Asked in an Interview

Human Resources

In a number of countries, competition in the job market is seen to be very right, which is exactly why securing and then retaining a job becomes very difficult. Often... read more

Sony Xperia Tipo: Full Features, Specifications, Price and Competitors

Sony Xperia Tipo: Full Features, Specifications, Price and Competitors

Mobile & Apps

Sony Xperia Tipo, a NXT succession smartphone from Sony was discharged in august 2012. Sony Xperia Tipo is otherwise called Sony Tapioca, Sony ST21i or Sony ST21a. In spite of... read more


Sidestep Security Inhibitors With Virtualization-Aware Solutions

Cloud Computing

Virtualization is not a new option for data storage and security, but it is still less understood outside of purely technical circles. Because it offers so many benefits, including improved... read more

margin lending

How to Use Margin Lending to Increase Your Portfolio’s Value


Margin lending is an innovative investment tool which enables you to borrow money from a lender to turn around and invest that money into your portfolio. Despite offering many advantages,... read more

long term care insurance

How to Get the Best Rate on Long-Term Care Insurance

Health & Wellness


When you purchase any type of insurance coverage, whether property insurance, life insurance or health insurance, what you pay for coverage is determined by a number of factors. Long-term care... read more


5 Best Finance Apps for Android

Mobile & Apps


Android is the no.1 mobile operating system as of now and you might be familiar with this statement already. So let’s change the thinking and put the question, WHY? I... read more

Cost of living

All You Need To Know Before Travelling Singapore

Travel & Leisure

Between the Indian ocean and the south east China on the southern tip of the Malay peninsula the country of Singapore is located in the south eastern part of Asia.... read more

Basics of a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy

5 Basics of a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy


Internet marketing is not merely about using platforms offered by the digital marketing space to augment traffic, sales and revenue to the site, successful internet marketing needs to have its... read more

Cash and Payment Management Service

What to Look For in a Cash and Payment Management Service


Ok, so you’ve made the decision to outsource your cash and payment management duties to an appropriate expert and need to find the right provider. First and foremost, kudos on... read more

Best Twitter Clients for Windows 8

Best Twitter Clients for Windows 8

Are you addicted to web and love to ride the waves of web daily? If this is so, then you must be active on the social networking websites. Well, talking... read more

Myths About Credit Cards

Demystifying Top 5 Myths About Credit Cards


Most people are not sure about the usage of credit cards and their policy. The plastic card has become synonymous with the term spending. I have seen only 2 kinds... read more

how small business can grow

How a Small Business Can Grow Using PO Financing



Recent statistics point to the importance of the small-business startup for keeping the economy stable and healthy. More than half a million new businesses start each year in the United... read more

manage your online rep

Getting Hired 101: Managing Your Online Reputation

Human Resources

In this day and age, nearly everyone uses social networking sites. Believe it or not, even employers now lean on social networking sites when screening job applicants. Nowadays, your resume’... read more

benefits of health insurance

Maximizing the Benefits of Health Insurance


Nowadays there is a greater increase in cost of health care and to avoid unexpected expenses it is better you take health insurance earlier. There are lots of health insurance... read more

How to use social media to grow your business

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business


Using social media for the growth of business is quite sensible and effective. To guide the process there are different sites along with different strategies available. One can follow a... read more