Author: Simon Lenoir

Simon is CEO and Founder of Rezdy, an Online Reservation System for Tours, Activities, Adventures, Sightseeing, Sports and Attractions. Simon has over 15 years’ experience as an IT professional. He also has extensive experience in the travel industry from being an around-the-world traveller and managing a dive centre in Southeast Asia for over 3 years. 

Outside office hours Simon is a true activity addict - mountain biking, sailing, swimming, beach volleyball - just to name a few. But most of all he loves diving in Australia’s waters.

Rezdy take extremely powerful tools available to major companies (such as dynamic booking, secure payment gateway, geo-localisation, cross selling, dynamic packaging, last minutes…) and make them accessible to anyone for a fraction of the usual costs. Our aim is to help tour and activity operators access online opportunities. Our software helps activity, tour, event and attraction operators streamline business operations. It helps you manage your business better, reach new customers, and reduce your costs. 

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