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Profile: Nikki Peters

I'm Nikki and I am a professional and experienced social media blogger and writer who has been published on many high profile social media websites. Please feel free to tweet me if you would like to have a blog written or even just for fun! 

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Articles by Nikki Peters
A Smart Guide To Buffer

A Smart Guide To Buffer

Social media is a must for any business who wishes to remain relevant and engaged in today’s modern and technological world. Being connected to various social platforms helps increase engagement,... read more

5 Social Media Marketing Tools For Smart Business

5 Social Media Marketing Tools For Smart Business

Social media can be a minefield for businesses. An endless array of networks, interactions, posts and so on. Switching between tabs on the internet for your various profiles and replying... read more

How To Make The Most Of Hashtags

How To Make The Most Of Hashtags


“Hashtags” is a term that many may have heard, but not necessarily know very much about. It has fast become a social buzzword and it’s now encroaching on more and... read more

5 Hot Tips To Ensure People Are Reading Your Tweets!


Getting your information and ideas out to the masses is what social media and networking is all about, particularly if you are in business, but is anyone reading what you have to say? These... read more

The Impact of Social Media on Children


Sometimes I sit and think about how much technology has changed in just a few years. I’m not that old, early 20′s, but already people of my age say, “never... read more

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6 Degrees Of Separation? Now It’s Only 3 Thanks To Facebook!


The old saying that everyone in the world is only 6 people away from knowing everyone else is a well known saying. The argument is, everyone is linked to each other whether it... read more

When Are Automated Direct Messages On Twitter Ok?

Direct messages on Twitter can sometimes be a topic of controversy. Some people love them as they offer a means to inform and connect with others. Some people hate them  as they... read more

Photo Sharing Will Increase Engagement

Everyone likes taking photos. But can they really get you more leads? Whether you are out with friends and snapping to keep a memory alive, or are holidaying in the... read more

Improve Your With Efficiency With These 5 Free Twitter Tools!

1- MarketMeSuite – The Dashboard MarketMeSuite is the free dashboard which helps you manage your brand across multiple platforms and accounts. It created a revolutionary Twitter tool for searches and following technique with its... read more

Why Has MarketMeSuite Gone Free?

Why Has MarketMeSuite Gone Free?

Trends & News

Hi Everyone! You may have read the news this morning that MarketMeSuite is now free for everyone to use in our Press Release. I just wanted to address a few... read more

3 Simple Steps To Reach Your Online Audience

Online Marketing

Whether you love it or hate it, social networks have become ingrained into, not only our day to day personal lives, but also work and business. They provide a platform... read more