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Profile: James Kosur

James Kosur is the co-founder and CEO of His website focuses on positive stories and viral news. He has served as the head of business development, COO, and CEO for numerous online companies over the last 17 years. 

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Articles by James Kosur
Kris Jenner Talks Bruce Jenner Dating Her BFF: 'I Just Want Him To Be Happy'

Kris Jenner Talks Bruce Jenner Dating Her BFF: ‘I Just Want Him To Be Happy’


Rumors have recently circulated around the web that Bruce Jenner is currently dating ex-wife Kris Jenner’s best friend. On Monday morning the reality TV momager visited with Hoda Kotb on The... read more

Spotify Family Plans

Spotify Family Plans Offer 50% Discounts, Single Bill Payments

Spotify Family debuted on Monday. The new program offers up to five family members to a jointly subscribe to the streaming music service’s premium service with discounted rates. Under terms of the... read more

Princess William and Kate Middleton

Princess William And Kate Middleton’s Second Baby Is Due In April


Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are expecting their second child in April 2015. The baby will be fourth in line to take over the British throne. A statement... read more

Ebola Fighting Robot

Ebola Fighting Robots Could Add A Layer Of Safety For Healthcare Workers

Ebola fighting robots could one day help fight the spread of the deadly disease without human interaction. Scientists are currently debating what type of robots to use, and how to... read more

This Teen Recreates Famous Hollywood Movie Scenes With Legos And Stop Motion

This Teen Recreates Famous Hollywood Movie Scenes With Legos And Stop Motion

15 year-old Morgan Spence and Lego author Warren Elsmore recently teamed up to create stop motion footage from some very famous movie scenes. The iconic photography from Spence’s work is... read more

Ebola Virus Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship With Possible Ebola Patient Docks In Texas

The Carnival Magic, a cruise ship carrying a Dallas hospital worker who may have handled fluids from an Ebola victim, docked in Texas early Sunday morning. The ship returned to port... read more

Joanne Borgella Dead at 32

Joanne Borgella Dead at 32, Former American Idol Star Loses Battle With Cancer


Joanne Borgella, a former contestant on American Idol, who completed in 2008, has died. The 32-year-old singer and actress passed away after a fight with Endometrial Cancer. News of the... read more

Alexandra Breckenridge Joins 'The Walking Dead' As Recurring Character Samantha

Alexandra Breckenridge Joins ‘The Walking Dead’ As Recurring Character Samantha


Alexandra Breckenridge has joined the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The 32-year-old actress is taking on the role of a recurring character named Samantha. Samantha is described as a “strong,... read more

Scientist Swallows 50 Homeopathic Sleeping Pills To Prove A Point

Scientist Swallows 50 Homeopathic Sleeping Pills To Prove A Valid Point


Scientist Evette, better known on YouTube as The Science Babe, wanted to lay to rest claims that homeopathic pills picked up on store shelves are in someway effective. Her goal... read more

This Dog Has No Idea What It's Doing At Work Or Play

This Dog Has No Idea What It’s Doing At Work Or Play

Do you recall the viral photo of the dog who sits at a computer with a necktie on and the caption, “I have no idea what I’m doing?” The dogs... read more

This White Tailed Eagle Shows Us Their Unique View Of Paris

This White Tailed Eagle Shows Us Their Unique View Of Paris From The Sky

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to soar through the air like a bird of prey? Thanks to the team at YouTube channel Freedom, you now have... read more

Obama Declares November International Muslim Awareness Month

Did Obama Declare November As ‘International Muslim Awareness Month?’ Fake News Goes Viral

US President Barack Obama has not declared November 2014 to be ‘International Muslim Awareness Month.’ Tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter users fell for the fake news story which... read more

Obesity And Depression

Obesity And Depression Linked In New U.S. Health Officials Study

Health & Wellness

Obesity and Depression are often found linked together in patients according to a new study released by U.S. health officials. The report found that 43 percent of depressed adults were also... read more

Ebola and Symptoms

CDC Is Constantly Repeating Ebola Facts Because People Will Believe Anything

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, better known to most Americans as the CDC, has continually explained how the Ebola virus is transmitted, and why most Americans shouldn’t... read more

Mcdonalds suddenly closed in Russia

Vladimir Putin Is Fighting The West By Closing Random McDonald’s Stores


Vladimir Putin is continuing his battle against the west, and this time he is targeting the golden arches. According to a report by Vox, Putin is randomly closing McDonald’s fast food locations... read more