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Profile: James Kosur

James Kosur is the co-founder and CEO of His website focuses on positive stories and viral news. He has served as the head of business development, COO, and CEO for numerous online companies over the last 17 years. 

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Articles by James Kosur
Net Neutrality Anthem and Toilets

Net Neutrality Anthem: Don’t Flush Our Rights Down The Toilet

If there is one thing that Net Neutrality has taught us, it’s that proper wiping is important after using the bathroom. Wait… No. Let’s reboot that statement. Net Neutrality feuds... read more

Prostate Cancer Foundation Rejects Reddit Funds

Cancer Foundation Rejects Reddit Money Raised From The Fappening

Were you aware that The Fappening is not only about leaking nude celebrity photos? It is also about raising money for Prostate Cancer research. Sure, the event began as nothing... read more

Tornado Caught By Dash Cam

Dash Cam Catches Violent Tornado In Action

Russian automobiles are often equipped with dash cams, and those cams have helped catch some amazing events in real-time. First we were given a glimpse of the meteorite that struck... read more

Rape Tweet By CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green Tweets A Crazy Definition Of Rape; Deletes His Twitter Account

Singer CeeLo Green took to Twitter on Sunday night to offer his own twisted and disturbing insights into the act of Rape. Shortly after he posted some crazy definitions for... read more

Lena Dunham The Fappening is a sex crime

The Fappening: When Sex Crimes Become Easily Consumable Entertainment


The Fappening is a sex crime. More specifically, The Fappening is dozens of sex crimes, committed en masse, with a socially engaged audience. Over the last 24 hours, dozens of photos... read more

Kaley Cuoco The Fappening

Kaley Cuoco Video Surfaces Courtesy Of The Fappening


Kaley Cuoco is the most recent victim of The Fappening. The Big Bang Theory star is reportedly featured in a video in which she is filmed standing up after using... read more

What is the Fappening - Explaining the event

What Is The Fappening? It’s A Dirty Moment Captured In Time


  What is The Fappening? That was the awkward question I was asked today by several friends who read my previous article about a viral Reddit broadcast dedicated to the event.... read more

The Fappening on Reddit

The Fappening Is Being Broadcast Live On Reddit With 100,000+ Viewers


How much do the users of Reddit want to see naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Kate Upton, and dozens of other  female celebrities? If The Fappening is any indication, there... read more

Carrie Underwood Pregnant; Twitter Gets All Warm And Fuzzy

Carrie Underwood Pregnant; Twitter Gets All Warm And Fuzzy

Carrie Underwood is pregnant and she announced the good news on Twitter. With both of her puppies in tow, the Jesus Take The Wheel singer announced to her fans that she is... read more

Kate Gosselin Shares Back-To-School Picture, Trends On The Web

Kate Gosselin Shares Back-To-School Picture, Trends On The Web

Kate Gosselin has her hands full whenever school time comes around. Besides all of the back-to-school clothing and supplies shopping, she must also shuttle her massive brood of children off... read more

Oprah Launches New Interview Show On YouTube

Oprah Launches New Interview Show On YouTube

Oprah Winfrey made a name for herself thanks to TV, but she is hoping to sustain growth at her OWN Network by jumping from the tube to the internet. Oprah’s... read more

Michael Sam - Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church Taunts Michael Sam With Homophobic Beatles Parody


The hate group known as the Westboro Baptist Church has recorded a Beatle’s song parody that directly attacks Michael Sam. If you haven’t been following the news, Michael Sam was... read more

Bo Porter Fired

Bo Porter Fired By Houston Astros, Social Media Blames Front Office For Losing Record

Bo Porter has been fired by the Houston Astros following only his second season with the ball club. That termination has made him one of the most popular trending terms... read more

Jennifer Lawrence Nudes Lead To #IfMyPhoneGotHacked Twitter Trend

Jennifer Lawrence Nudes Lead To #IfMyPhoneGotHacked Twitter Trend

Actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Mary E. Winstead , Victoria Justice, and various others, were the recent victims of a nude photo hacking scandal that has once again rocked Hollywood.  Over the weekend photos... read more

 Bill Murray Shows Up At Baseball Game, Starts Taking Tickets From Fans

Bill Murray Shows Up At Baseball Game, Starts Taking Tickets From Fans

When it comes to crashing big events, there are very few actors that do it better than Bill Murray. With that being said, Murray managed to pull a ‘Bill Murray’... read more