Author: Jacky Tan

Jacky Tan is a professional marketing writer, brand strategist, speaker as well as published book author of Social M – How Your Startup Can Take On The Big Boys Today. Jacky is also the content marketing and branding strategist with Jack And Chaz Asia.

Jacky writes for renowned business media; and some of his articles has also been translated into other languages such as Spanish, French and Mandarin. One of Jacky’s expert opinion articles has been published alongside Richard Branson’s article in Singapore Business Review Magazine in 2013. ,

In October 2014, Jacky Tan was also featured as one of 10 top bloggers in Singapore by ASEAN-Up. In the same month, Jacky has his first article published on Channel News Asia.

With the ability to transform small businesses into brands in less than 3 years time, Jacky is often been seen as a “nemesis” to large multinational companies for creating stronger competing brands from scratch. To Jacky, any company, regardless of its size, can become a successful brand with well planned strategies.

Jacky has been invited to speak in organisations and events such as Singapore Management University, HR Asia Summit 2013, Bookfest Singapore 2013, CFO Congress 2013 and many more. He was also guest lecturer on the topic of social media branding for marketing diploma students in a local polytechnic. In May 2014, Jacky was the co-chairperson and the closing keynote speaker for CMO Asia Summit 2014 that was held in Hilton KL. Jacky also trains marketing leaders and directors from renowned brands which includes some Fortune 500 companies on the aspect of marketing.

Jacky likes to travel the world and he currently owns one of popular marketing blogs in Singapore – Marketing Strategy Expert; as well as a non-profit writing project, Young Talents Singapore. 

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