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Profile: Derek Ian Vicente

Derek Ian Vicente is a Social Media Officer at Minute Burger. He loves working with the company's franchisees and he will respond to customer feedback within minutes. He loves social media, SEO, and geek culture.


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Articles by Derek Ian Vicente
Bad Cops

Rogue Cops: How Twitter Helped Solve a Seemingly Invisible Crime

Invisible crime – an injustice that has been witnessed by many but later on, dissolves and is discarded and forgotten by the public. On September 1, 2014, Filipino netizens were... read more

Angry Employee

Are You Aware What Your Employees Are Saying On Social Media?


The year 2013 is the year that companies will take social media seriously. This is definitely the year that social media naysayers will be humiliated, and they will be forced... read more

Bored Dog

From Boring to Compelling: Effective Ways On How Humdrum Businesses Can Create Head-Turning Content

Content Marketing

Image Credit: Grumpy.Dang Online businesses tap into the forces of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing in getting their message across their consumers. For years now, creating a... read more


Inspiring Story of Shopify’s Tobias Lütke and How You Can Replicate His Success (with Social Media, of course)


Establishing a small business means that it some similar parallels, your institution will have to contend with other businesses across a multitude of market points. Competition will be stiff, rival... read more