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Manage Social Media Risk

3 Ways to Moderate Social Media Risk in Sales

The prevalence social media has in everyday experiences and in the way we work makes it a potentially powerful tool to help sales reps reach and engage potential customers and close new... read more

Inbound Marketing

How to Integrate Social Media and Inbound Marketing


For as much discussion as there is about engagement with fans, the main reason for businesses to be involved in social media is to increase sales. Connecting with social network users is a great... read more

Social Media Policy

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Policy

Employees can be a business’s best brand ambassadors on social networks. Due to the transparency that consumers have come to expect from businesses, social media users are more likely to believe information that... read more

250 employees marketing programs

3 Things to Keep in Mind For a Winning Social Media Team

Choosing the right person to run your businesses social media accounts is an important task. Some give the responsibility to younger employees who are social media savvy already to cut down on... read more

How to approach social media

How to Approach Your Social Media Strategy

More often than not, businesses begin a social media campaign with the wrong expectations. Compared to traditional marketing techniques, this technology and these platforms are relatively new. As opposed to viewing it as a... read more

Wild Frog Studio social media

How to Commit to Social Media Marketing

Like any successful business strategy, social media marketing takes a certain amount of time and committement before it shows its worth.  Many executives and top decision makers at companies are concerned that... read more

The Social Olympics: How Will Social Media Fare In London?

The Social Olympics: How Will Social Media Fare In London?


There has been much talk leading up to the Olympics about the social aspect. So much in fact that the London Summer Olympics have been dubbed the Social Olympics. Of... read more

Why Word Of Mouth is Social Media's Greatest Asset

Why Word Of Mouth is Social Media’s Greatest Asset

When discussing social media marketing options with a business, one of the first points made is “it’s where your customers are!” Although this phrase or some variation of it is... read more

Social Media and Millennials Impact Alcohol Industry

How Social Media and Millennials Impact the Alcohol Industry


For businesses and brands today, social media is a necessary and important aspect of a marketing strategy. Certain industries adopted social media as a platform to reach customers in the... read more

Social media for retail

Retailers Lead the Way in Social Media Investment

Investing in social media is part of a growing trend by businesses right now. Whether it is technology companies buying social media startups or commercial brands increasing their social media marketing budget, the... read more

London Olympics 2012

Sports Trends In Social Media

In the marketing industry, working to keep ahead of the latest trends is nothing new. Marketers are constantly striving to think uniquely and creatively about how to use the latest... read more

Wild Frog Studio Social Media

Big Businesses Show Interest in Social Media

Social media products for business have become something of a hot commodity recently. Large corporations are embracing new technology startups that provide alternatives and solutions for social media for businesses. The... read more

Creating A Social Media Budget: What To Consider?

Creating A Social Media Budget: What To Consider?

Social media integrated with traditional methods has proven to be an excellent tool when launching a product. Many people laude the technology as a way to reach out to a new audience... read more

How to incorporate social media into a product launch

How to Incorporate Social Media Into a Product Launch

Social media is a strategic tool to use when launching a product. When combined with traditional means it is a great way to gather information from a target audience, create buzz around... read more

How to use video in Social Media Marketing

3 Ways to Incorporate Video in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

A successful social media marketing strategy needs to incorporate a number of different aspects. One tool that some businesses fail to take advantage of is the use of video. Users connect with... read more