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What Does Influence Mean in Social Media

Success with social media is not easily attainable without a certain level of influence. In terms of advertising, influence with consumers on a personal level as well as developing influential relationships are incredibly... read more

Big Bird Twitter Account

3 Lessons Social Media Marketers Can Learn From Big Bird


Last week’s presidential debate had a lot of people talking about winners and losers. One of the biggest winners in terms of marketing was Big Bird or more accurately PBS. After... read more

Nestle's 'We Will Find You' Campaign: The Future of Social Media?

Nestle’s ‘We Will Find You’ Campaign: The Future of Social Media?

Don’t Look Now, There’s a GPS Tracker in Your Kit-Kat Bar! In what Rebecca Boyle at POPSCI calls “a 21st-century version of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket,” Nestle has put a GPS-tracker... read more

social media marketing

Social Media: Putting The Consumer First

Social media has been widely accepted as an effective method in a company’s overall multichannel marketing strategy and the next step is finding creative ways to implement it with traditional methods. The... read more

Social Network for Business

Is A Social Network Right For Your Business?

When discussing social media, the conversation is usually focused on engaging with potential consumers, listening to ongoing brand related conversations, advertising on these new platforms etc. Research has shown that people spend almost... read more

Crisis Management

C-Level Executives and Social Media: Striking a Balance

Today’s social media landscape calls for c-level executives to be accessible and available; however, due to the speed at which information now travels, many are apprehensive to join these platforms. Besides... read more

Contact Wild Frog Studio

How To Use Social Media For Crisis Management


News today – whether good or bad – breaks immediately and spreads instantly, due to the constant stream of information from social media. Generally, it is a good thing that knowledge... read more

Industrial Revolution

How to Harness the Power of Social Media


When people discuss social media they are often bogged down in the technicality of what that means - social media referring to the actual forms of “electronic communication through which users create online communities... read more

Boehringer Ingelheim Syrum

Pharmaceutical Industry Joins the World of Social Media Gaming

Last summer, Boehringer Ingelheim first announced its social media game on its Facebook page and since then there has been a great deal of discussion about what “Pharma’s first social game” will entail. With... read more


Fortune 500 Companies Increase Social Media Use

According to a new study by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, the use of blogging, Facebook, and Twitter has surged in 2012 in Fortune 500 companies. As the study explains, “Due to... read more

What C-level Executives Need to Know About Social Media

What C-level Executives Need to Know About Social Media

These days, discussing marketing inevitably leads to a conversation about social media marketing and how to translate online engagement to measurable success. Social media adoption by Fortune 500 companies has surged in... read more

Social media

3 Common Social Media Mistakes for CMOs


In order for social media strategies to be successful, it is important for businesses to embrace social media marketing at all levels of employment. Many businesses are already doing so, and 70%... read more

Social Media Spending

CMOs Project Big Increases in Social Media Marketing Budgets

Social media is not a quick fix solution for businesses to increase sales and revenue; however, with the proper amount of time, commitment, and resources involved it has huge potential. It... read more

GQ Live Logo

Social Media and Augmented Reality – A Perfect Match

For most magazines, the digital trend that has now become the norm has taken a negative toll on sales and distribution. These businesses have had to find new and creative... read more

Online Retail Forecast 2012

Social Media for the 2012 Holiday Season: What You Need to Know

As marketers and small businesses know, this is the time of year to start planning holiday promotions. In order for them to be successful and effective, there is a great deal... read more