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Would Yahoo Purchase Spell Trouble For Tumblr?

Would Yahoo Purchase Spell Trouble For Tumblr?

Recently, there has been discussion about the potential purchase of Tumblr. Although it may not happen, there are reports that Yahoo hopes the social network will bring a younger demographic and “make it relevant... read more

Social Media Influencers Are a Great Resource For Businesses

Social Media Influencers Are a Great Resource For Businesses

As social networks progress, their history and the data around them becomes more and more valuable. In current conversations about social media marketing, businesses understand that the focus of their efforts can... read more


Do Users Want (or Need) Phones That are Focused on Social Media?

The worth of social media has been proven by the growth and dedication of its users. Although all social network users don’t follow the same set of rules, the fact remains that these platforms... read more

How To Keep Up With Social Media (Infographic)

How To Keep Up With Social Media (Infographic)

Businesses are aware of the power social media posses and in today’s landscape the conversation is focused on creative methods to drive specialized engagement with a target audience. The number of fans... read more

Valentine's Day: Mobile And Web To The Rescue (Infographic)

Valentine’s Day: Mobile And Web To The Rescue (Infographic)

Valentine’s Day is the time of year when we share our appreciation for the people we care about. Despite having the best intentions, sometimes these actions are a bit last... read more

Social Media At The 2013 Super Bowl

Social Media At The 2013 Super Bowl

Last night’s Super Bowl gave viewers a lot to talk about on social media. The 49ers almost made a huge comeback to beat the Ravens, hyped up commercials were discussed, Beyonce performed an... read more


Social Networks: How Will Businesses Benefit From Facebook Cards?

Social networks are a crucial tool for businesses to build brand awareness and interact with their consumers – without this availability businesses lose points with their audience. Facebook in particular has... read more


Coca-Cola Proves Social Media Savvy With 2013 Super Bowl Commercial


As the Super Bowl approaches fans are gearing up for the exciting day. On the other hand, many companies are preparing to analyze the effectiveness of Super Bowl commercials that have been... read more

5 Rules for successful social media marketing

5 Rules for Successful Social Media


As the social media industry expands and improves, there are more possibilities for businesses to creatively and effectively connect to their consumers. However there are still a number of mistakes that some... read more

Cyber Monday 2012

Cyber Monday: Battle of Mobile and Social Media

Last week may have been Thanksgiving, but in the business world most of the talk was focused on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The past few years these two shopping... read more


How to Adjust Social Media Strategy to Facebook Changes


Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about Facebook’s new EdgeRank algorithm, and the effects that many business pages are seeing as a result. The algorithm “…is determined by... read more

Presidential Election 2012

Politics and Social Media: Election 2012

It was a long campaign season for Americans and it is almost over. The 2012 Presidential election was promoted, advertised, debated and polled – and with November 6th finally upon... read more

Social Media Hurricane

Social Media Proves An Invaluable Resource During Hurricane Sandy

In the hours leading up to Hurricane Sandy’s landfall, people were getting their information from a number of different sources. One of the best sources for many proved to be social... read more

Bodyform 'Apology' Takes Social Media by Storm

Bodyform ‘Apology’ Takes Social Media by Storm

When discussing social media marketing strategies, often executives get uncomfortable at the idea of giving ‘free reign’ to the consumers. The potential for a PR disaster or some kind of crisis can... read more


Presidential Election 2012: Will Social Media Predict The Winner?


Since the 2008 election, using social media in presidential campaigns has been a topic of discussion. In fact, it will go down in history as the first major election where voters were... read more