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Bob E. Hayes, PhD is the Chief Customer Offier of TCELab and president of Business Over Broadway. At TCELab, he is responsible for product management and customer happiness. He is considered a thought leader in the field of customer experience management. He conducts research on customer feedback programs, customer experience / satisfaction / loyalty measurement and shares his insights through his talks, blogs and books (see Beyond the Ultimate Question and Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty).

He received his PhD in industrial-organizational psychology from Bowling Green State University, specializing in survey research and quantitative methods. He has over 20 years of consulting and research experience in enterprise and midsize companies, including Oracle, Agilent Technologies, Sophos, Virtual Instruments, Netsmart Technologies and Genstar Capital. He has managed customer satisfaction research as an employee to Fortune 500 firms, and as an independent consultant. He has published numerous articles in both scientific and trade journals and presented research at national and international conferences on the measurement of customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee empowerment, and employee perceptions of workplace safety.

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